Whoda thought I'd ever start a "new thread?" I can hardly thread a needle.

But seriously, folks, this forum appears to have possibilities for learning from some capable teckies. My only claim to techie fame is a couple of years working in a tech support sweat shop, first in CD writer's infancy(remember "buffer underrun?"), and then trying to make AIO printer/scanner/copier/fax machines behave. But that was a few years ago.

Lately I've been playing the OS game; the custom-built computer I have came with Vista Home Premium and had some issues with staying connected to DSL. So I "upgraded" to XP, only to find it couldn't properly utilize all my 64bit memory. So I changed BACK to Vista, and each time I had to reinstall all my aps. Not the most productive week on record. Good thing I get a perverse enjoyment out of messing with this thing.

Next step, Windows 7, and if I get up the nerve, dual-boot to Ubuntu. Other than that, I write, and "design" stuff with SketchUp.

Well, welcome to the forums :)

And if I might make a suggestion, make the change from Vista to 7 asap... 7 is (in my humble experience) the best of the bunch. Microsoft finally got something right with Win7. Only one thing I would watch for and that is in hardware compatibility. I found out the hard way that Windows 7 is not so friendly with older devices (like my poor HP LaserJet 1012 which works now, but very very slowly).

Thanks for the suggestion. Someone will no doubt come up with proper Win 7 drivers for most hardware. In my quest for drivers, I discovered to my chagrin that I could find nothing without subscribing to a driver-search service. If anyone knows of a better alternative, please shout it from the virtual housetops.

Hi MTJLT, nice to meet you :)