To repay what the British have done for Singapore when Singapore was first founded. The founder of Singapore was a British called Sir Stamford Raffles, since he was a knight, i want to be a knight also and serve the people of England

Is your family wealthy?

no, where not wealthy ..
were just a middle class in our country..

is your family is wealthy?

Don't know. My father own two bungalow but my uncles and aunts own more property than my fahter and they are only considered middle class. So my family is the bottom of middle class and top of loewr class.

Are you happy with your life?

yes i'm happy with my life even we are not rich and famous like the royal family :) as long as my family stay together i will always be happy :)

you, are you happy with your life?

:).... Yes I am pretty much happy Have a nice and loving family and a job and a degree I think that's enough for being happy :)

How was your weekend ?

It was as usual. Going to cinemas, studying for exam and helping others in daniweb

How was yours?

weekend is fun..
i ride in a boat.
i ate a lot and bonding with my friends..

whats your doing right now?

On daniweb

How old do you think you will live until?

if 2012 is true then i will die at the age of 21 :D

are you a catholic?

NO I m a Muslim...

Where are you from

I am from where the lions roar on a dark continent

Is this a question?

yes that is a question answerable by Yes or NO

where are you from?

i am from singapore

Who is your favourite actor?

mario maurer and adam sandler ...
do you know him?

what is your favorite food?

Fish n chips

Which place do you always go during a holiday

mall! watching movies :) i love watching movies.. i watch even i'm alone :)

are you already ate a filipino dishes?

no :(...

Do you have red pen with blue ink?

Yes, bought that way. :)

Is there anything Chuck Norris can't do?

- WolfShield

Yes, he cannot not be Chuck Norris.

Why are you not asking funny questions and the replies are not that funny either?

because this became a debate board.

Can we fix that?

Yes we can fix every thing..

What do you want to fix?

A broken banana.

What did you think I wanted to fix?

Broken apple!

What time is it right now?

Its not 12:00 am

what is behind you?

a zombie.. in form of my officemate :D

what are you thinking right now?

when will this be over....

what is your height?

3 inches :D

what is your weight?

oh god that's my weak point its 73 kg :$

what are you doing on 3rd day of 3rd weak of June after 3 am to 11:14:45 am?

eating my lunch :D

which do you prefer sleeping or eating?


what is the color of your boss's/teacher's eyes when you come late ?