sergent .... LOL

How large is the crack in the mirror when you look in that?

23.24 mm

Why is there google advertisement: Hire Russian Developers? I don't like it and it is really annoying. It was there for so long!! I want another ad!

The hired Russians because you were no available then

What is at you head?

Lots and lots of hair lol...

What's that?........ What's on you chair?


Why am I so awesome?

Because you day dream so much .....

When will it be over

in 15 days, 6 hours, 3 minutes and 33.342 seconds

What will be over?

i don't know.. i not a late comer and i don't come late in work :D

what is your job?

No pun intended!??? hahaha

The cow will be over the moon.

When will the planet align with the sun and the moon and explode?

When you will get a bath :P

What happened last night at 12:00:30:90:00:19

that was u only

what is the color of red apple


if a tree falls in the woods and there is no one around to hear it will it make sound?

How do we know that tree fell if no one was around to witness it, or even hear it......

How do you spell 'IQ' ?

eye quuuugfdgfd

Do questions have to be funny or only answers?

Its your decision....

Where is every one

everyone is there where no one is present...


It's Dr. Evils website. - It's an evil website.

What time is it?

time to stop asking about the time

if you over heat and fall unconscious are you still "out cold"?

I think "out warm"

What is your name?

Maximilian Wolfgar

Who wants to know?

The person whom you have to pay $10,000.......

Why are you weeping?

Because I am sorry for the person who owns 10,000 to someone.

Do you like chess?


Who is the poster of the day? ( Activty points )

Someone that is more active than you.

What is the world becoming into?

Dust and Blood

When will the next movie of pirates of the carribean come out.