.happy late.b.day?xD
Ran across this thread while locating " csgal " on a search to send " the queen " a p.m..
As for making it to your b.day Dani, not happening! I found this today and this thread was started in...sec, scrolling up.. :D ...
.k., done scrolling back down and I got Sep 21st, 2011 on my trip up.north and back.

However, since I've been bud-lighting all day, this just came to mind:
Send everyone a p.m. when you have b.day or anything Dani. Just you, not everyone spamming my p.m. box. You I do not mind, my queen. xD

In any case, I'm sure you can get some good programmers to make an .exe that will p.m. all members on this forum, though if you need a beta.vb.net.project for such, I can do, and will do with nothing expected in return.

Wish you all the best, wish you many more b.days and I hope that this forum keeps IT'n it's.elf with more feedback before it gets all out of sync w/new updates, for some. A p.m. for suck "updates"(:"such" was misspelled since it "suck"s, though will leave:), and I'm outtie since the earlier bud-lights are taking over and I somewhat forgot most of what I just wrote, other than " [B]good job Dani, keep it IT![/B] ". (:codeorder:) btw, {ICODE} for Toolbar on quick reply, would help an IT forum member(hopefully not just me). Just a suggestion, or maybe a late b.day gift.idea?.

btw, {ICODE} for Toolbar on quick reply, would help an IT forum member(hopefully not just me).

Unfortunately, we tried it and there were far too many instances of icode tags where code tags were needed. If you need the extra controls, jumping to the advanced editor from the quick reply area is only slightly irritating. ;)

As is that smiley,(wink).
>>...tried it and there were far too many instances...

I wish you Happy Birthday to you. May you have many many more and have a very nice day. :)

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Happy Birthday may god give you long happy life

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1st Post? Then welcome to the forum, you "s.o.b.":D.

.just not to be off.topic, Happy.Bday "again", my queen.:)

Hey Dani,
Wish you many many happy returns of the day!