Hello everyone! , wwhoow. this site is a BOMB. having to find a place where i can ask many I.T stuff that not everyone can answer is something really good for every I.Ts like us. well lol. let me just share you something :D, this is from my first day.

" I posted a thread regarding my Finals Project. all the details were written and i didnt put a single code proving that i'm even wroking on it(or lets say putting some efforts).
lol. after a few minutes. i was waiting for an angel to respond on my post then i got a PM from a Mod. saying

As I already told you in message with warning that beside posting your assignment you are supposed to also post also some work you did so far. We are NOT homework service for lazy students.

i thought for a second. im on a heap of trouble. :DD automatically my thread was deleted. way back before. i was warned because of Duplicating threads. (oh common thats because of my slow internet i clicked the submit button twice xD". well. for all the mods out there. HI! xD and im sorry for that little misunderstanding. :D i hope i can make good friends with many I.T's and some pros! :DD thats all . thanks :))

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