Hey, I'm Scott and I'm new to programming. I took a short break from school but now I'm back into things. I'm going for my BS in Computer Science, so I'm trying to learn C++, so I'll pretty much be using this site for homework questions (don't worry, I know the rules, I've used this site before) since most of the questions I've seen are above my skill level. Anyway, just thought I'd check in. I did have a quick question. A lot of the topics I review seem advanced (I've covered the basics - functions and all that, and I can create classes), I was just wondering at what point do you start to learn the more advanced stuff? Are those topics you would cover while in school or are just things you pick up after programming for awhile (sorry, I don't have a specific example of an "advanced" topic)?

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...at what point do you start to learn the more advanced stuff?

When your professor's first spoken language is not the same as your own. That's when you get into the crazy stuff.

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