My name is Rhonda and I live in upstate NY. I maintain two non profit websites and I am self taught through the years of working with an author and her online community for women.

I am a visual learner. I found your website after doing a search to resolve a "form" issue we seem to be having on our website at this page. http://www.lifestreamrochester.com/register_form3.html

I made a change yesterday to one of the boxes on the form and now the "send and reply" button does not do it's job. I am at odds about this issue b/c I am unsure what I did to cause it. No files were moved or removed from the website. (I did learn a lesson to save the previous codes before making changes so I can visually look for any glitches. However that does not help me now.)

Is there anyone willing to look at the page/code to see where I have gone astray? Again, I am not a computer programer so if you have any advice, including a "how to" find what may have gone wrong would be very helpful.

Thank you and I look forward to meeting and working with you all.
Peace and Kindness, Rhonda

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Hello Rhonda,

It looks like you posted this question about an hour ago in the Web Development forum. I've already provided feedback. You may want to stick to one thread to get the best collaboratiion from this site's members.


sorry jorge, I got an email that said to introduce myself so I did with a clip of why I found this website. Thanks for replying again, though.

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