Without food for my body, I have limited food for your soul.

(brb,getting some grub and knocking some more tots, I mean thoughts, out of the day; just for the record:)

If I were not doing it for .us, I would be doing it for none other than the rest of .us.
If you can't handle "many of my thoughts" Then you have to limit yourself and space the time while reading them, for it is not my problem, it is yours.
What is there to gain when everything is no longer available to gain?
Tiredness should be respected, not frowned upon.
If a teddy bear could look outside a window, which window would he choose to look out of?
I am not only fearsome, I am also fearless.
Disapprove against these words and you will lose part of yourself's parts in the process, due to this sentence being fool of grammar errors.
The only place I keep seeing a blue bird is on the web of a world.
Be strong and dumb like Hulk, for green is the color of money.
Do not forget to share a few distractions here and there, for a change in the heart beat is quite needed to keep the balance of a soul.
Change your pace and graduate for honor, not with honor.
Being pretty and fugged up is not the same as being pretty fugged up for someone pretty and fugged up, or is it all just fugged up in a pretty way?
Without tears, I will never cry.
When you tear a heart apart, you tear life away from others.
A swan and Pinocchio went to lunch.
To serve and protect others, I provide security for your mind.
An idea from someone cold is an idea that contains no warmth and as a human, warmth is my favorite colour.
Where does someone come up with something great if there is no where to search for greatness?
If I were to ever speak to Gandhi, he would be wordless.
Christians have to die for Christ's sufferings to continue in our hearts.
Is it worth to keep someone else's sufferings close to your heart or is it better to relieve others of the sufferings that are close to their hearts?
With a world in my totful, I mean thoughtful, conversation and without any words said, I stand down tired and speechless.
Play a guitar and play a song, play a keyboard and sing for the world.
If a squirrel can bust another squirrel's nut, would he bust it in half or shatter it?
To learn and to lead is as spending time with others, you just babysit them in the process.
When the pope finally shows his face, even in a image, he shows you that there is hope.
.is Terror from an unknown terror.artist, really terror?
In order to place food on my table, I have to first place food on the world's table.