Without an a.i., I mean eye, you only see half the price.
"We will not be silent", for our freedom goes beyond our speech.
If you only get one good thing in a lifetime, why destroy it?
If I light up this thread with tots, I mean thoughts, is that light pollution for grown ups?
If evernote remembers everything Then what do I have to forget?
Ghetto is as ghetto does, a ghetto.Gump would say.
Ubisoft To (my.cool.little.email)@live.com: The Morglins are invading! Only you can stop them with your fingers of fire!

LMAOOO as running away from my fiery keyboard, to get a Bud-Light and put that fire out. xD

Forgiveness is never asian, it is always a spoken word.
For .us to continue to have grasshoppers, ninjas have to keep the grass cut?xD
To cross borders, you need a.cross.
Where are the angels when the music is not playing and their singing has stopped?
I wonder what this recent bear was thinking?

.world.news: Bear that fell from tree dies after being hit by car bear_diving

Without the "why" from semper"fi", I cannot route the world correctly.
How does overweight gain when only cells are fighting the war?
The word Paws, I mean pause(LOLxD), is for cute kittens with fluffy ears.
In a lost world, a child cannot get lost.
If you have plans to crash, crash in the distance of others.
Try to run a mile in Homer Simpson's shoes and you'll only find yourself eating doughnuts.
How does your education from college make contact with the world after you graduate?

Honor, Courage and Commitment are the values that guide us - Semper Fidelis is the commitment that bonds us.(www.marines.com/history-heritage/principles - values)

Honor values and you honor yourself. Show courage and you are beyond the principles of courageous. Commit to never being uncommitted and you will have a commitment within what bonds .us together, our history.
Findind roots in a lobster is as finding gold in a gold fish.
For Sundays to remain our days to rest, one must not rest and preach.
To not hold up everyone else in their line, moving forward is one must do, even if just one step at a time.
Light a cigarette in the city and you filter out part of the city's pollution.
A ninja at heart can decrypt the heart of a ninja, even if no words spoken.
The only ninja I do not mind to challenge, is the ninja called "Earth".
My thoughts are for everyone that can disassemble them and move forward without looking in any direction, other than...
Evolve with time, don't wait for time to evolve; especially since time has Nothing to do with Evolution.
Where have my sorrows gone after I look into your eyes?