Even in human form, we can still be part of a day in someone's life.

If you can feel the vibes of the world as you feel the rythm of a song,
Then the music playing is the gravity vs. solar flares vs. humidity vs. wind, vs. .My world,
And the singer is none other than life it's self,
Hear these words, for I am Lord, and no one else.

Blessed or cursed as some might say,
I hear the world's songs and do as I may,
Control the music for this world,
For I am the d.j., for I am Lord.

With my sword, the spoken word,
I slash at hurt to bring rebirth
I slash at harm to take cover fire while you re-arm
I even check out google.images of hotties, while in this song's run,
for I am Lord, for I am Lord.

Blessed or cursed as some might say,
I hear the world's songs and do as I may,
Control the music for this world,
For I am the d.j., for I am Lord.


.thinking out loud, I wonder what my next thought will be. xD

To win a war against my family, everything possible will be done without regret.

My ally is not your ally, for we are not friends, we are human, and God is my ally.

Hand over the mic and remember these words, "for I is speechless and a foreigner with a typo in my words".

I don't start wars, I end them and then go to sleep without a worry.

As a fresh breath of air given to someone, another thought from the world suffocates me.

If God would show his face in this world, would we call him a mutant if we knew not that it is God?

As an American citizen, what can "you" do about it if you have no letter "s" on your keyboard, to keep it real for ."us"?

Without a body of water, you have nowhere to swim; without a state of mind, you are unlimited; without regret to better your surrounding, you are soulless.

Hit one eye hard and hit the other harder, for this fight is not...

Only hang up first if you have the last words needed to be said.

YO! You listening?; It would not be "yo" in 2012, if Obama was not president.

To build a chapel, one must start from the ground up, and eventually the ones that respect the preaching to/of tots, I mean thoughts, will step forward and reward thru a tired p.m..(b.lotus.my.friend, and flow like water in a tea cup, for it is not half empty, though half not empty.)

We live in a world with a dead Christian God, reap that in 2012 since our God's unknown.

To all other presidential candidates other than Obama, fight hard since you already lost, and you will get to fight again and lose only for the 2nd time.

If you could ever change a holy world, why not start in 2012?

In all honesty, you only live once.

If I were still upset about a reaped God, I'd forget about it before the reaping.

Say hi to everyone that accepts and say hello to those that accept respectfully.

Is it possible to reap an old president from our past and invite them back into our lives again?

Forget navigational standards if living with a lost soul, for only the heavens will guide you then, not your heart.

From a distant land, someday I will see my home called Earth.

If we unite for space, we can overcome the spare time needed to get us more time and space to ourselves.

Q. Is there a God?

A. Not a Christian one, for he only reaped himself and not his loved ones before 2012; though, there is a God worthy among the Gods we can honorably respect, and possibly even another Christian God amongst them.

Instead of going to a doctor for a heart check-up, why not ask the world if you have a bad heart or not? Got faith? or just milk from the world?

Last night I received a gift, and it was a newborn dragon.

The eyes of a dragon sees my view from afar and in exchange, I see a dragon's view.

Truth is like surgery, which might initially be hurt you but cures you.
Lie is like painkiller, which soothes your pain but has side effects later.

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