.note to God: You lost the day I was born, for without .Me, you don't exist and as "another" note, no reason, "God", .Me = Life.
Admire life's expressions since you already admire .Me and .My totful thoughts.
If I were not the child of a God, I would not be in .us and having the option to disown my parents.

Strap a brocolli to the side of your bed and dream about The Land of the Forgotten Pumpkins.

If I were not a kid with an imagination, I would not be eating all of my veggies, even asleep.
Sir! How do you honorably address someone that is as a God, though not God, and you currently disagree with the teachings of God?
.note to God: Even after 10 years, I'm still in hell. Have you "yet" found a reason to keep .Me there, or ".Not yet"? Hope this helps. :)
To love a kid, you have to admire their thoughts.
Without a new system for the world's garlic, garlic becomes useless since our immunity has gained strength.
Without question, I have changed the world again, to.day.
In my eyes, cock fights are disturbing, for others, it is...a pleasure?.

Without tears, I will never cry.

Without tears from a dragon's heart, I will forever cry.

Where does someone come up with something great if there is no where to search for greatness?

A. History, thus start writing your point of view on IT tomorrow.

If you only have a hammer, every problem looks like a nail!

commented: If you only have a nail, then you have a problem. +0
Bend someone's time over and fugg it.
Honor thy nation and point to the finish line, honor thy finisher and point to the nation.
Share a hand and shake the share.
.note to God: Still no reason to keep me in hell, then why talk to me again today?
If I had only one finger to point to God with, I would fly that finger away.
Someday I'll own more than just .My soul and to protect my soul, I'll have to own God and his army.
When is the appropriate time in a kid's life to be taught how to give someone "the bird" from .us?
Some big kids don't just play with big toys, they are big toys and get played with.
If you can't enjoy a hangover then why drink to get one?
Why even vote if you don't have anything to say about it?
From the year of Judgement Day, you, the world, have an adult's freedom in time before you meet outsiders, someone as .Me.
With the universe at .My hands, I hold a sun before .Me and brighten this world again to.day.
A child of a God is no God without living their childhood away from heaven and without their heavenly gifts, a child will,...
For a human in God's world, it took over 2,000 years to get here; for .Me, only 33 years.
When you know that you are in safe.hands, then you know that you have Nothing to worry about.