My imaginary friends tell me not to hurt myself or others.
But my doctor says I can ignore them.

My imaginary friends talk about me like I'm not even here.

If I were someone with an imagination, I would not use it to step on little kids' nuts; I would hand them a nutcracker.

In life, there are really only two types of people: Either you are an a-hole or you are not! All else is moot!

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Tired and alone this thought shall be.
Using the keys from the legend to the map of your heart, I follow a hallway full of closed doors, and unlock only the walk.
Every week a random day passes away and reincarnates it's self; and every second, our life passes away from the week, towards reincarnation.
When you react, you don't think, .My, what instinct?
If you only had a pencil to write with, then you only write with a pencil. If you had a pen and no ink, then...
Judge .Me not for I am just and judge yourself for you are not just to judge.
Trust in yourself, don't trust in .Me.

Today, I decided to poison my imaginary friends. It worked wonderfully until I realized that one of the bodies wasn't imaginary.

Family lasts for.ever, Nothing Else.

A true Nihilist knows he has Nothing to look forward to and does so with great anticipation.

Without a heart, the soul looses it's mind.
To outrun the exclusive, you have to be in the same race.
The images .My eyes daily see, are only the images of my current world's results.
Passion has to be beyond the view's beauty.
Strength is located within the armor of a heart.
Speechless for all my speaches, I shall bring
Flights united are for a world without a wonder.
If you were .Me, the only thing you would want to do, is live.
If you were .Me, you would look at "...x..." in a different way.

If you were me, you'd be married to the greatest woman on earth.

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Original distractions are for shadows lurking in the daylight.
Everything began somewhere, though.every.thing will end with .us. When .You fu.ked with Life, .You f.cked with .Me.
Since .Me = Life Then If you have Nothing to believe in, believe in .Me.
In the Book of Life there is an Apple of Eden and in the Apple of Eden, dwells an assasin; universally reborned to be eternally mine.