A few more tots to clear up a path to a non.existing day in the only living color's life, Judgement Day, Nothing can be gained if Nothing is at gain.
Nothing to gain other than the "keep it real f.o.u.o.ll(fowl?.)", slanged, I blinded an atom's apple eternally, and strung the worm with it's own String.
If I had my own system of Defcon.Alerts, it would only be another "+=day" type.of alert to be returned this last day of an .ae day, for .Me and .My life.
Not being able to be a.part of .My life after burning down the heavens, the atom's apple becomes upset, since blinded even further away from .Me.
Each and every of a God's child(.evolutionarily.defined.), receives a God, and the God I received, I turned into an eternal book.worm, Not a wonder for what the living color's sight of the ?sea foams with.
The "ain't sh.t you can do about it" out of an atom's apple knowledge, is now returned as a favor, not as a String.
Favor or Not, anything regarding "the" ""ain't sh.t you can do about it"" in someone's life, sickens .Me.
Blind as a bat at the steering wheel of a car in day.light, a book.worm cries for help, just to be able to see.
.via.sonar or a sonic's.boom.,it is only human to get used to .something. and even have that .something. look down evenly with .Me, upon a God.
What I currently see is not what a world full of carnivore.shrimp see if not in a sea, if in just a part of .My heaven, the 1 in 1st of a slight.heaven.
With .pluto mapped out, hearts dropped universally, Ten-Fold noted towards and for a blind.eternity.
If in a suit and tie world, a Defcon 5 returns a migraine, then in a universal.life, it returns a .My.grain.
Morning.woods of beta.news are needed to throw the universe in another .Spin, For the Heart of the Universe ='s jolted back to life once more, tears and not tears, healing the wounds I should not have given, when deciding if .My own life's first of memories, can actually hurt .Me in mind, body, and soul, .More than it can heal the life within the combination of the 3.
A topic might be worth a thousand images and an image is definitely worth more than a thousand words.
Leave .Me stranded and only leave yourself for death.
Prior to "keeping it real fool", I not only had to destroy, I had to destroy and have to conquer. :'()':
With 3 days left towards an independent day in all our lives, I shorten this day for you, possibly?.
Morning.woods are for the good, the bad, and the beautyful morning.glories, & = Nothing Else.
Are we all .healthy or .Not, or are we just mostly fluently fluid?
I do believe, that's just .Me though, that there is a reason for everything's.ae.nd Nothing Else.
The figure of speech for "Dropped my balls to the floor", caught my totful attention. Since kids do not sag much, either wrinkles/etc., then for kids you would figure of speech them with.?.
From a clear mind of an uninvited 2nd lady(tramp?xD) of the house, it starts to feel like home once more. Thank Disney, Not God.
With just a just sucker punch to the nuts, I conquered the world's advertising.firewall, beans spilled everywhere from unknown places.(.pluto.defined)
Possibly, the greatest feeling in the world for anyone xOr anything, is to be able to take care of 1's.elf.
Since some things need never to be said, .some.things can and only will be felt.
.Death is the mirror for .Me.

*In sandy soil, when deep you delve, you reach the springs below;
The more you learn, the freer streams of wisdom flow.
-- thiruvalluvar

Water will flow from a well in the sand in proportion to the depth to which it is dug, and knowledge will flow from a man in proportion to his learning.

I am Not your .Friend, I am .not your Enemy, I am your reality.
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A C++ programmer contemplates Microsoft Excel VBA:

"Where the Hell am I and why the Hell is everyone here completely stoned?"

I never thought I'd see Google advertising Prostate Cancer Treatment on Daniweb.
Well done, codeorder. Well done.

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