Height: 5'10''
Weight: 180
Hair: Brown+gray
Nickname: ziggy (i've been called several things just don't call me "late for dinner".

Eyes: blue
Location: STL
Age: 42
Hobbies: Listening to music, playing guitar, playing the piano, movies.

Relationship Status: single

Fav Music: Stevie Ray Vaughn,AC/DC,ZZ TOP,Sound Garden,Rush,Zepplin,Clapton,Nirvana,The Offspring,Aerosmith, I Play (quitar) Classical music don't listen to a lot of classical but I love playing classical piano and guitar,I love all music.

Education: Computer Science, programming, music

Work: wana be (Free lance web designer and programmer) (any help getting me started?)
Favorite Food: Pizza, Chinese/Spanish Food, Chicken, Steak, Tacos, Anything hot and spicy!

Favorite Movies: Hostel,SAW,Total Recall, Predator, Terminator 2,School of Rock.and others I can't remember

Favorite TV Shows: Star Trek, The Simpsons, X-Files,Frasier.

Hi Ziggy, welcome to DaniWeb.

Welcome and I definitely have to agree, the Simpsons rock