ok i have this program dealing with date Class. im having trouble with the overloaded operator % which returns a date with smallest component month, day, and year for two given dates. your help is very appreciated.

For Example:

d1 is May 5 , 1942

d2 is August 1, 1970

The small components of d1 and d2 are May 1, 1942

class date
    int month, day, year;
    bool leap;  // true if a leap year
    bool is_it_leap ();


    date ();  // constructor, creates a base date
    // sets a date to the given parameters
    date (int m, int d, int y);
    void next ();  // moves a date forward one day
    void print (); // prints the date in readable format
    bool new_year (); // true if date is January first
    // equality test for two dates
    bool equal (date a_date);
    // greater than test for two dates
    bool operator> (date a_date);
    // returns smallest components of two dates
    date operator% (date a_date);
    // friend that returns the greatest of three dates
    friend date great3 (date d1, date d2, date d3);

How would my date operator% (date a_date) function definition be for it to work???

convert both dates to integer then all you have to compare is one simple integer. You can use the mktime() function in time.h to help you out. For example, 1 Jan 2008 is converted like this:

int main()
    struct tm tm;
    time_t t1;
    memset(&tm,0,sizeof(struct tm));
    tm.tm_mday = 1;
    tm.tm_mon = 0; // 0 = Jan, 1 = Feb etc.
    tm.tm_year = 2008 - 1900;
    t1 = mktime(&tm);
    cout << t1 << "\n";