Hi, I'm having a problem with displaying names from a text file. I'm passing the names from the text file to an array that will be sorted, but I'm not getting the names to show like I want them to.

It should display the different names as Last, First

But it comes up as

I believe that I'm not passing the names from the text file to the array properly, but I'm not sure what I should do.

using namespace std;

//function prototypes
void selectionSort(string[], int);
void showArray(string[], int);

int main()
    //Input file stream object
    ifstream inputFile;    
    //constant for number of names
    const int NUM_NAMES = 20;       
    //array that holds names    
    string names[NUM_NAMES];     
    //open the file
    // Read names from file into array
    for(int count = 0; count < NUM_NAMES; count++)
        inputFile >> names[count];
    //close file
    cout<<"Unsorted names :\n\n"; 
    //show and then sort names                          
    showArray( names, NUM_NAMES );
    selectionSort( names, NUM_NAMES );
    //clear screen for readablity
    //show sorted names
    cout<<"Sorted names :\n\n";
    showArray( names, NUM_NAMES );
    return 0;

I'm not looking for someone to do my homework for me, I just need a push in the right direction.

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could you please post your code for your showArray() function. it looks like the problem will be in there.

void showArray( string names[], int NUM_NAMES )
     for(int count= 0; count<NUM_NAMES; count++)
        cout << names[count] << endl; 


alright the problem is you are using endl after each name so it wil display each name on a seperate line. if you want to displa it as Last, First then this should work well for you.

void showArray( string names[], int NUM_NAMES )
     for(int count= 0; count<NUM_NAMES; count+=2)
          cout << names[count] << ", " << names[count +1] << endl;
     cin.get();  // <-  use this instead of system("pause")

Thanks, that got me most of the way there. I had to change NUM_NAMES from 20 to 40 to display all the names I had.

Now that that's fixed, my selection sort is sorting screwy. I'm going to try to get on my own though.

Thanks again.

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