The assignment requires program to read from a file into an array, use two boolean functions to validate certain data (set to "true" when there are no errors) then output any errors to a separate file. Everything works fine except for validating the rate. All the numbers are read into the array correctly and the calculation seems sound (works correctly on a calculator) but for some reason the calculation in C++ always results in 0 which makes EVERY record output an error. PLEASE HELP, it is driving me CRAZY :twisted: (the "cout" lines were inserted just so I could see what was happening. They will not be part of the final code; I've successfully complied the portion to validate the labor force but removed it to isolate the rate validation portion.)

#include <iostream>
#include <fstream>         //allows the program to read from & output to separate files
#include <cstdlib>
#include <string>
using namespace std;
      int year[126];
      string month[126];
      int laborForce[126];
      int numberOfEmployed[126];
      int numberOfUnemployed[126];
	  double Rate[126];
	  double Rate1;
	  int LF1;
	  int i;
	  int employData = 0;
      string mainTitle = "               Error Log for Employment File\n\n";
	  string errorData = "There is an error in the following record:\n";
 bool validLaborF()
	 if(numberOfEmployed[i] + numberOfUnemployed[i] == laborForce[i])
		  return true;

 bool validRate()
	 if(Rate[i] == (numberOfUnemployed[i] / laborForce[i]) * 100)
		  return true;

int main()
	  ifstream indata;        //input file stream
      ofstream outdata;       //output file stream
    //open needed files

	  outdata << mainTitle << endl;
	  indata >> year[i] >> month[i] >> laborForce[i] >> numberOfEmployed[i] >> numberOfUnemployed[i] >> Rate[i];

	  while (indata && employData < 127)
		  indata >> year[i] >> month[i] >> laborForce[i] >> numberOfEmployed[i] >> numberOfUnemployed[i] >> Rate[i];
		   Rate1=(numberOfUnemployed[i] / laborForce[i]) * 100;
		   LF1=(numberOfEmployed[i] + numberOfUnemployed[i]);
		  cout << LF1 << "\t\t" << laborForce[i] << "\t\t" << numberOfUnemployed[i] << "\t\t" << Rate[i] << "\t\t" << Rate1 << endl << endl;

		  if (validRate())
			  indata >> year[i] >> month[i] >> laborForce[i] >> numberOfEmployed[i] >> numberOfUnemployed[i] >> Rate[i];
			  outdata << errorData << year[i] << "\t" << month[i] << "\t\t" << laborForce[i] << "\t\t" << numberOfEmployed[i] << "\t\t" << numberOfUnemployed[i] << "\t\t" << Rate[i] << endl << endl;


	  //Close all files

	  cout << "\nEnd of report" << endl << endl;

	return 0;
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You are calculating one int divided by another. In C++, dividing one int by another will return an int.

So, for example, 5/2 = 2, and 3/4 = 0.

If you want the output to not be an integer, don't divide one integer by another. One way to achieve this is to cast one of the integers to a float. For example,

int x=5;
int y=4;

cout << x/y;  // gives 1
cout << float(x)/y; // gives 1.25

I see that part of your code relies on comparing two numbers, at least one of which is a double. You need to understand why this is fraught with danger: http://floating-point-gui.de/ , and in particular http://floating-point-gui.de/errors/comparison/

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That is awesome!! Thanks so much, Moschops, you ARE a posting whiz! In the original data file, the teacher said Rate was declared as a double and the others as integers; I just assumed we were supposed to do the same (yes, I know what they say about when you "assume" :smile: ) Thanks for the helpful links.

I have just one more request for help if you don't mind...is there a way to have the calculated rate round to the tenths place so it will exactly match the rate listed in the indata?
example: indata outdata
4.1 4.14591 shows on error log but shouldn't be an error
4.2 4.17198 same thing, but not technically an error



Finally got everything to work together. Final code is awesome!! Thanks so much, Moschops, for taking the time to help me.

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