Hi guys. I have two servers: 1. Client Facing Production Server 2. API Server. The Client facing sever (Server1) sends requests to the API Server (Server2). Server2 is hosted with one staric IP address and is accessible through three domain names, e.g. **www.domain1.com**, **domain1.com**, **test.domain2.com**. Often times the Server1 seems to clog up Server2 on **domain1.com**, but Server2 remains perfectly accessible through **www.domain1.com** and **test.domain2.com*. The clogged domain seems to be the one most used, and often auto-corrects itself. Can someone please explain to me what causes this? Windows Server 2016 with IIS 10, php 5.6.40, MySQL 5.0.11 (on Server1) …

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