I am kinda mixed up right now..... CAN IIS and APACHE work in the same machine? from my thread (marked as solved) XAMPP + VISUAL STUDIO + MS SQL SERVER [while mysql is running] can exist in one machine.

I have projects both in APACHE and ASP +IIS [not in the same time] Well I have 2 machines + a SERVER and on one machine I install the IIS.

Q1. I have getting a hard time to configure the SERVER for ASP.

Q2. How can I make it work for FIREFOX? [usually if I have projects in ASP the hosting provider is the one configuring. but now I have an office system that I really need to test locally. So I have to know also 'bout this.] I heard that there are problems in making it work in FF!

Thanks in ADVANCE!!!

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What are you trying to do exactly? Are you just trying to get all of the technologies to play nicely or do you have a goal? The concept of a single machine has been abstracted away with VMs so do you want them running on a single environment, ie both in windows, or do you just have a single physical machine that you want to offer hosting services on and want the most bang for the buck?


Ok, Well I apologize that I did not specify on what I am trying to achieve. Well At first I have PHP/APACHE/MYSQL [xampp] installed and just I have to do ASP projects as well, on the same machine where I am running my PHP.

Am I clear enough? I apologize for the confusion. :$


If you want to run classic asp pages in the same server where Apache/MySQL installed, just ensure that IIS also installed in that machine.

To confugure asp in IIS 6.0, refer this link.


Without any problems?! I am just worried maybe there is a conflict between apcahe and IIS! (maybe in ports etc.,) that's what I am worried about.

Anyway thanks for the reply! CHEERS!


There won't any problem and conflicts between apache and IIS as far as the port is properly configured between them .

We are using apache and IIS in the same server successfully.


IIS should be running on the Windows, Apache should be running on the Linux

Seems I didn't encounter a hosting company can offer this 2 iis on one same server.
I know the PHP, ASP, ASP.NET can be run on the Windows hosting, some of good ASP, ASP.NET web hosting service providers can be found on the page

Good Luck!

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just go agree with sknake :)
You can run apache on windows....

Really Ramesh S?!
I haven't tested anything yet but thanks for the REPLIES.

So there will be no problem if I run APACHE and IIS in one server.


Yes. Apache can be installed in Linux and Windows server environments.

So if you don't have Linux environment, then you can install it in Windows 2003 server. But the port should be configured properly. There won't be no issues. See this.

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