I think we have a math problem. On my profile stats it displays 654 solved threads and when I post it shows 644, so a difference of 10 (see solve1.png & solve2.png)

Also on my friends page it has "Showing Friends 1 to 10 of 11" (friend1.png) but if you click on page 2 it says my buddy list is empty (friend2.png). In my user control panel it says I have 12 friends (friend3.png), and my public profile says 11 but shows 10. I added myself as a contact in my own list and have one unapproved friend sitting out there so I guess I really have 10 friends. I just thought it was odd that only page 2 of viewing friends is broke.

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Similar to what I reported in http://www.daniweb.com/forums/thread249581.html (there's a disparity in my solved threads too). If it's the same situation, it has to do with the mysterious "reported posts" forum which is visible to moderators. I'm not sure how we would get credit for threads solved there as we would be considered the OP of the bad post report.


Is there some reason why they would show up now and not any other time? (I'm just personally curious I know you've got many more things on your plate besides our post counts lol)


Deleted threads marked solved before they were deleted perhaps?

I'm not sure. When you have a minute put the admin rights back on my account and i'll take a look :)

That still doesn't explain the friends list

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