Since mid-afternoon the text in the C forum has been showing up centered on the page (thread listings, threads). I'm using Firefox 3.58. I just checked on IE 8 and it looks ok except that the Intel banner ad is in the wrong place. Anyway, just thought I would let someone know. Anyone else having this problem? (I remember a few weeks ago the WaltP was having some trouble in FF but it was in all the pages I think?)

And it seems to be okay now. I had given the page a shift-Reload before and nothing changed but now that I went back to it it looks fine on FF. Still probably good to be aware of it as somethings up. I prefer it when the web behaves deterministically. ;)

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Sorry for the late status update. This was related to an ad that was running in that section. The ad was temporarily taken down until it can be fixed on Monday. (Just for clarification, the ad was taken down early afternoon, I just got to updating this thread now.)

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I'll give it a test drive. I kinda figured it was that banner ad from the way it looked in IE. As always thanks for checking into it Dani :)

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