I'm still relatively new to these forums. I just like to put out a query regarding threads and their solvability.

For Daniweb forums, is it considered good practice for OPs to flag threads that they have started as being solved if they have received appropriate posts that have answered their question to their satisfaction?

I think this should be the case .. and perhaps a "sticky" of this nature should be posted at the head of the forum page.

Just my 2.5 cents.

It's a nice idea.
But there are at least 6 places where code tags are mentioned, and still about 99% of noobs fail to use them on the first post. People get +ve rep just for proving they can read - it's that rare!

Some continue to fail to use code tags despite numerous reminders.

Getting any of them to do anything more than press "submit" is hard work.

Further, where threads are marked as "solved", this can sometimes happen when the OP gets the first working answer (as opposed to the best correct answer).

Nor does marking a thread "solved" mean that some dimwit will happen along a few years later with some untagged "void main" horror just to show the world how little they know.

commented: Yep .. good points .. just me being a tad naive +2

Fair enough. Good points. It's a pity though.

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