On my post count graph in the profile it lists all the weeks and then it puts an entry for Jan 3rd at the very end. See screenshot below from when I mouse over it. I'm not sure where this is coming from as it doesn't represent any kind of maximum post count or anything. Jan 3rd also doesn't match up to the date corresponding to the week in January that actually shows up on the graph.

Anyway, it hasn't been a bother at all, just a curiosity. I figured I would post it up in case it was a symptom of a bigger problem.

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I've sprouted an aberrant "week of July 14" (a Wednesday) bar in between July 11 and 18th on my graph in addition to the wacked out "week of January 3" one at the end. Again, not a problem personally for me but I found it strange and wanted to update.


Never really paid it much attention before but my “weeks” go thus:

Date		DoW	days	posts	
13/05/2010	Thur		14
17/05/2010	Mon	4	23
24/05/2010	Mon	7	34
01/06/2010	Tues	8	37
08/06/2010	Tues	7	0 (?)
14/06/2010	Mon	6	78 (?)
21/06/2010	Mon	7	33
03/07/2010	Sat	12	37
09/07/2010	Fri	6	35
18/07/2010	Sun	9	76

I know everyone was hanging on for the suspenseful ending of this one, but in the last 12 hours or so it seems to have gone away! So whatever you did (DB update or whatnot) fixed it. Solved.


That's an Area 51 link which everyone might not be able to access given that this is the "Community Feedback" forum. :-)


I am sure there is a lot more than just "Solved" in that Area 51 thread.


Because to generate the graph, I pulled the data from MySQL and grouped it by an SQL-formatted timestamp ... and then to output it I pretty printed it through PHP's date() function. For the first and last weeks of the year, the two didn't match up.

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