I forgot I wasn't logged in and proceeded to write a really fantastic post, if I do say so myself. To no avail. I "submitted" it, but was told I wasn't logged in. Reasonable enough, but then I couldn't get back to the post.

Two possible solutions.

  1. Have the post area greyed out so you can't write in it if not loggged in.
  2. Have a POP-UP if you aren't logged in saying so. That way you can quickly log in and not lose the post.

As it is now, it goes to another page before checking and rejecting due to not being logged in. And there's no way to go BACK.

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Yeah, this happened to me a lot when I reply via my e-mail link. Not looking whether I am logged in or not, write the solution (sometimes a lot of coding involved), just to find that I have to re-post my solution...


I agree. I did find that the post was displayed on the right side and could be copied to the clipboard, so that it wasn't exactly "lost". However, when prompted to log in after making a reply, the site returns a "dead end"... you aren't back in the thread, but are on a white/empty page.


No. Try writing a reply without being logged in. When you click the "Post Reply to this Thread" button, you are redirected to a Registration Page. That page does not have a section for current members to log in. Click the "Member Login" button instead, and you are Thanked, and redirected to a totally white page. Your post is "lost", unless you had the foresight to copy it from the right side of the registration page to your clipboard.


Oh I see what you're saying. I actually fixed another bug just before where if you weren't registered, and you got to that registration page and actually filled out the registration form, it STILL didn't work. Now at least that is fixed.

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