I don't know if it's possible to add a feature to do this, but it would be nice to know when a post prior to yours in the thread has been edited. I'm more prone to look for it, but when I'm on a thread with someone new to the site I sometimes double post (I know, I know, throw me in the brig) just so the OP will see the added information.

Just an observation/suggestion (since I'm sure you were saying, "hey, how can we load the mail server even more... lol).

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I've never had a problem with double posting as long as new useful information is posted, or quoted responses to multiple posts are being done. It's bumping that irritates me.

I do miss the multiple-reply button. Many times I want to reply to more than one post in a thread and doing it now is cumbersome. I do that to avoid double-posting.


Another forum I visited merged multiple consecutive posts by the same person.

That's a great idea too, but sometimes I've also sent a non-consecutive post saying "see my earlier edit" so the OP would get a notification of it.

It's certainly not a pressing issue, I just wanted to throw it out there for discussion.

Anyway, thanks, Dani, for thinking about bringing back the multiple reply.


Speaking of consecutive posts... Seeing as how this has not garnered any further support and the suggestion has been "suggested" I will mark it as solved.

Happy Holidays everyone.

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