I have a duel 1 ghz G4, and am running os 10.3.2. When i put my computer to sleep after extended uptime (usually 4 hours +) the sysem crashes after bringin it out of sleep. I have gathered that it might be a power management problem. WHat can i do to fix this?

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This sometimes used to happen to me on my panther G5. I don't put my monitor to sleep anymore - I just turn off the monitor. This is because my mac is connected to my printer and my windows machine, and this way my win machine always has network access to the printer.

It has no problems coming out of standby, where i turn the monitor and hard drives off. However, If i were to induce the "sleep state" it will usually crash. I'm connected to a LAN, and i share my printer, would that contribute?

Oh, you're right. I got standby confused with sleep. I never put my computer to sleep ... connecting to a LAN shouldn't make a difference. I know PCs do this, not sure about macs, but can you wake your mac up automatically when it detects a lan signal?

I am kinda confused too. Ok, start again. When I put my computer to sleep, upon waking the system crashes. I get a mesage in ta dialog box withte power button symbol stating that i need to restart my machine. Gathering information, i am leaning towards the fact that it might be a power managemant problem. This problem has persisted though the various apple updates in jaguar and panther.

HELP!! I have exactly the same problem with my brand new MAC! Almost every time I wake up my Mac after it has been sleeping it frezes. It frezes to a degree that I have to shut it down by keeping the "power button" pushed for several seconds. I have also encountered basic stability problems with my Panther. It often crashes and asks me to restart (in several languages), the power button is displayed behind the notice. The force quit function does not work when it crashes. I have also used Onyx maintenance utility to repair permission etc, but it doesn't help either...

Anything I can do to stop my Panther crashing? I thought Macs were famous for not crashing!! Now it crashes at least once every day! Thanks

Mac OSX 10.3.2, Powerbook 12, 768 RAM, 60GB
(with the latest update as of today)

have you tried updating the firmware for your processor?

No, I have not tried that yet. How do I do that? I have tried Onyx and the Apple Hardware Test using the Apple OSX CD but it can't find anything wrong with my memory or other hardware.

However, I can find in Library/logs a file which name is panic.log and another Softwareupdate.log. According to Apples support site the panic. logs are only created when a kernel panic occurs. This would indicate that my memory upgrade after all might not be compatible with Panther?

What does updating the firmware precisely mean? Shouldn't the processor firmware already be up to date? Mac is brand new, bought it three weeks ago. I have all the latest updates etc. Any help is appreciated :o)

- Mac OSX 10.3.2, Powerbook 12, 768 RAM, 60GB -
(with the latest update as of today)

PS. Found this article below on the net, I might have the same problem as this guy but I don't understand what "reset-nvram reset-all" means.

On Dec 30, 2003, at 3:30 PM, Hal wrote:

I've encountered a strange problem on my 1gHz Powerbook G4 since I installed Panther and upgraded to 10.3.2. When I close the lid and put the computer to sleep with applications running, it invariably crashed on wake. That is, when I open the lid to begin using it again, it crashed, sometime immediately, always within a minute or 2. I get the dim screen power symbol "Your computer has crashed, please reboot" message. I think this is referred to as a kernel panic. I though it might be my Kensington Mouseworks software, but removing it didn't help. The other 3rd party software I have installed (that I thought might be problematic) is Palm Desktop (for OSX) and PocketMac (syncs a PocketPC with iSync), but the problem existed before I installed these.

The G4 has 768MB of ram and was originally running 10.2.8 with no crashes ever. It is still completely stable and never crashes if I don't put it to sleep. When I bought Panther (retail) and did an upgrade install, the problem started. I've since done an archive and install to try to fix it, but nothing's changed. Any ideas on how to fix, or where I can look to see what's happening?

Any help is appreciated.


On Dec 30, 2003, at 4:47 PM, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

Wake from sleep issues can be hardware or software related and are probably
the service request I most hate to see. My routine is this:

0) remove anything from the computer that isn't stock - including your
memory upgrade. Make sure all your software is updated. If the kernel panics
continue go on to step 1. If they stop check out all the extras one by one.
At the shop we had a number of users upgrade to Panther and discover the RAM
that was fine with Jag wasn't with Panther. We've also come across some USB
devices that can cause sleep problems.

I don't want to jinx it, but I think I fixed it. First of all, thank you for your detailed response. After trying repair permissions and cron scripts (with no effect), I booted into open firmware and tried the "reset-nvram reset-all" trick. I rebooted and put the computer to sleep last night and it hasn't crashed since. I've put it to sleep a few times this morning with no ill effects.

So far, so good. (keeping my fingers crossed)

thanks again,

------------------------- :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

If your computer is brand new i don't think you'd need to update the firmware onteh processor. However i am curious to know how to boot into open firmware and the "reset-nvram reset-all" trick. Where did you find this resource?

I found that you can access the open firmware by at styartup holding command-option-o-f. THe "trick" is you type in "reset-nvram"hit enter, then type "reset-all" and hit enter. (note do not type in the open freeware. What the whole process does is it opens your the firmware section of your bios. THe comands wipe the nonvolitle memeory such as eeprom, pram, and nvram. But... Beware I tried this, and now my computer will not come out of sleep, the drives spin up but the screen remains black.

I haven't tried the "reset-nvram, reser all" trick yet. I'm usually very careful about trying advanced commands as I don't have enough knowledge. The support section at mac.com also has some documents about reset-nvram stuff, have a look. And you can find the article I was reffering to earlier at:

http://www.mail-archive.com/g-books@mail.maclaunch.com/msg13995.html or just copy a sentence from the text into google and it finds it...

I called Apple care for help. We went through the device utility chek (also from the Apple CD), verified disk and permissions etc. Even the Hardware Test (on the Apple CD) did not show anything wrong with my memory. They suggested to remove my extra memory (512mb) so I did. If this doesn't work they suggested an archive and install or clean install.

I removed my extra memory today and haven't had any problems since. However, it is a bit early to say offcourse.

I also spoke with the technician in the Apple store. He said that they use the same memory brand (Kensington) as Apple does. However, that they have had severe problems with these memories and that 12 out of a batch of 20 had been faulty!! He did however say that he tested my memory chip before he installed it in my computer..

Anyhow, I will now be running the built in memory only (256mb) for one week and see if my problems get solved. I keep you posted about if it did the trick. I hope you get your computer fixed as well!! :-)

Ok, it works fine with 256mb, haven't had even one crash in several days!! And the extra memory was Kingston, not Kensington as I said earlier. The laptop is now very reliable but naturally a bit slow. I will exchange the extra memory for a new and see if my Mac will not crash after sleep. I keep u posted :)

It works EXCELLENT with my new 512mb Kingston RAM!! Everything was due to some strange problem with the previous memory! Not one single crash after I changed it!!

I'm very happy now with my Panther :-)

Please Help! My computer keeps freezing after I wake it up from sleeping. It doesn't do it every time, usually pretty randomly after sleeping. Someone else was on my computer and may have done something to it. It shows me an information window when I try to open up a program, usually iTunes, but it has happened with other programs as well. The information box states: "The storage device that you have just removed was not properly put away before being removed from this computer. Data on writable volumes on the device may have been damaged or lost. In the future, please put away the device(Choose it's icon and eject it or drag it to the trash) before removing the device." I have a G4 running on OSX. Whenever this happens, I can still work in programs that were already open, but it wont let me quit anything or open anything else up, even when I try to use force quit. The only way to get the computer working again is to hold down the power button until it turns off. I would really appreciate any help on this!

Don't know if this would help. Try to repair the permissions on your disk by using the Disc Utility (in applications/utilities). And NEVER let anyone touch your computer. Keep it as private as your toothbrush.. ;)

Thanks! Computer has not crashed in a long time. I think that fixed it. Thanks a million!

Try turning off the 'put hard drive to sleep when possible' in Energy Saver. There seem to be issues with the various energy saving options conflicting each other.

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