'Last Post in Thread' is now an actual link (instead of a link via JavaScript) so you can right click on it to open in a new tab/window.

Huh??? If you are talking about that purple circle that looks like a dart board, I was always able to do that

I'm talking about the 'Last Post' column.

Oh now I see -- I had never used that link, didn't realize that date was clickable :$

It's always been clickable. It was a regular link in the old DaniWeb version. Then, when the new DaniWeb version came, it was still clickable, but I was using JavaScript to make it so.

Some of the regulars and mods complained that, because it was using JavaScript, you could no longer right click the link to open in a new window or new tab. Therefore, they couldn't go down the list of threads, opening a dozen of them up in lots of new tabs, and it ruined their workflow.

I just fixed this for them.