Hi. I just looked at my reputation points today and found all of this negative rep. I checked the posts it came from and it appears it may be from positive upvotes which are being displayed as negative rep. Can somebody please look into this as there are all of these positive comments but next to it the black light indicating negative rep.

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Exactly what negative rep are you talking about? You only have green + gray blockies in your profile?

yes and the gray blockies which I believe are meant to indicate negative rep have positive comments.


but next to it the black light indicating negative rep.

Negative rep is colored red, not gray. Gray boxes are used for the Community Center (where rep points don't count), and users who have too little rep power to affect you.


Ow that explains it. Dani must have changed it in the past 2 years and I haven't received any negative rep since. Please don't give me negative rep for that. Thanks for the information. Now I know when I've been given negative rep.


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