I haven't had time to explore thoroughly, but I don't see an option to NOT have my signature included with a post. Even though I have a signature created in my Profile, I previously would uncheck the option to have it displayed with most posts. Now I don't see that option. Or am I overlooking something simple?

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That is not a feature of the new system. At this time there are no plans to add it. May I ask why it is important to you to not show your signature within just some of your posts?

Your signature doesn't show to anyone not logged in, and you can change your signature at any time.


Hi, Dani.

May I ask why it is important to you to not show your signature within just some of your posts?

It is not that important.
However, if I am interacting with someone in the same thread for a while, I usually uncheck "show signature" after the first post; I assume the other member has already seen it and doesn't need to see it with every other reply I make in the same thread.


I think you're probably the only person who does that :) If someone doesn't care about seeing signatures, they can choose to hide them within the posts and just see them when looking at your member profile.


About signatures I mean. The DavidB comment about not wanting to bother members with his sig when into a long thread made me think about how some folk (the sig spammer brigade) are obviously here jiust to expose their sigs at every opportunity and care not one jot about the wider cpommunity. It's a shame, therefore, that everyone doesn't have the same kind of community spirit that DavidB shows in his postings here.

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