I know this has been asked before (at least twice by me) but I don't recall that I ever got an answer. I have been told that the DaniWeb search is google based. If that is so, why do I get different results when I search from within DaniWeb, and when I use google? For example, when I search for


either in all forums (basic search) or in VB.Net I get (in Firefox) a screen that says "Loading" or (in IE) a screen that says "No Results" but when I use google I get actual results (619 hits)?

I know we get a lot of traffic from google hits so it is important that google return valid hits, but a lot of people use the internal search and I would imagine these users would benefit from a search that actually does what it says. It might cut back on having to answer the same questions again and again (assuming that most users are bothering to do a search).

I get 477 results using Daniweb internal search and around 620 results using the actual Google search filtered down for daniweb. I'm using Google Chrome version 22 on Win XP.

477 actual results here as well, using Chrome 22 on Win 7.

I just repeated the test. With FireFox 16.0.2 I just get "Loading" with nothing further. Now with IE 9 (same as before) I am getting the results that Davey and James saw. I can't explain why I get two such different results in IE. At least FireFox is consistently wrong. There are other problems with FireFox (such as when trying to attach files).

OK. Still a problem. Using only IE, I use basic search for


I get the 477 results. Looking at a few I see that some results are in Software-Development. When I select that forum to narrow the search I'm back to No Results. Same thing if I try to restrict to VBNET.

When I do a search for a solution it is typically restricted to a particular forum like VB.Net. I suspect this is true for most people looking for help with a particular language.

I am getting the results that Davey and James saw

I'm not James :/

I'm not James :/

That's a good thing, because then Daniweb would crash due to overflowing awesome. ;)

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I'm not James :/

Sorry. I was going on 24 hours with almost no sleep. I meant Sanjay (I think).

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One more time about the Search feature. Please refer to this thread

I know you get most of your traffic from people being directed here via Google, but once those people are here and they want to do a search they are most likely to use the built-in Search feature which I have stated several times returns vastly different results then Google. If the built-in Search feature is so horribly flawed then why is it still present? Is there any way that the search string how to calculate working hours could be translated to how to calculate working hours vb and processed directly through Google as if the user had gone to Google directly? After all, I have no way of knowing if the user actually tried to use the built-in Search and got no results (as I do in Firefox) or not very helpful results (as I got in IE), or if the user just didn't bother. Perhaps this particular user has found Search to be of so little help that he/she just stopped bothering with it.

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