Hello guys, im a newbie in vb programming. I just want to know how to compute total working hours. for EXAMPLE, i started 8:00 AM And goes out 13:00, the total time would be 4 hrs. because 12:00-1:30 is lunch break.

Reverend Jim commented: Learn to use the SEARCH facility -3

As a newbie, the first thing you should learn is how to use SEARCH. As Philippe pointed out, your question has been asked and answered several times. You would have found this out had you put in even a minimal effort to look instead of just asking someone else to do the work for you.

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Thank u for your very interesting and a remarkable reply Reverend Jim. That helps much.

commented: It will help if you actually listen to the advice. -3

I never ask/let anyone to do it for me, i am asking HOW.

And they're trying to tell you how. One of the quickest ways to see how is to read articles, look at sample code, read articles, look at sample code, etc. One very useful source is the MSDN site.

i usualy google it before posting new threads about it. and thats why i never* start any thread! :D


Thank u for your very interesting and a remarkable reply Reverend Jim. That helps much.

Being lazy is not a great way to get through life. Being lazy with attitude is even worse. You got a response with links to five different threads where your issue was addressed. The acceptable response would have been

  1. check out the suggested threads
  2. reply to this thread with a "thanks for the suggestions"

I, for one, am getting tired of people whose first reaction when they don't know something is to ask someone else to do the legwork for them. Simply going to google and entering the string "working with time in vb.net" gets a number of useful responses. But reading them and working through a few examples would involve effort on your part and I get the impression that "effort" is not "your thang".

Calling somebody lazy based on their post on some forum is just fuking funny man. Why so uptight ?? this is a discussion forum. All forums are based on asking questions. Philippe pointed out the threads that could help the man find his answer, but you are calling him lazy, please go back to being retired and leave us "LAZY" short-cutters alone. Asking people to do your work is a brilliant thing, it saves you time and money. We are building apps with the help of each other. Asking a question already means I couldn't find an answer by googling it (90% of the time) ... Get a life revrend.

Phillipe provided five links to articles on this forum which give the help that was asked for, something that the OP could and should have done before asking the question. The phrase asking someone else to do the work for you refers not only to us providing the code but doing the search. I just called it like I saw it. If you browse the answers I have given on this forum you will see that I have provided very lengthy and detailed information in many cases. This was on my own time and own my own dime.

As for the abusive language (which you probably had to enter with the deliberate mis-spelling to get around the language filter), all that did was earn you an infraction.

Wow an infraction? What is that?

It means you have five penalty points. If you accrue too many you are banned until they expire. I suggest you read the member rules the Keep It Pleasant section includes

  • Do not post insults or personal attacks aimed at another member
  • Do not use offensive or obscene language
  • Do not try to bypass the DaniWeb inappropriate language filter
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