I think I just messed up my signature.

It was the same for several years: it had the anchor text I wanted and hot-linked to my website.
It was pretty much just how I wanted it.

However, I just made a small punctuation change and now my hot-linked anchor text isn't working. My signature is now four lines lumped together, not even a blank line between the "Regards," and the "David'. To me, it looks clumsy and awkward.

How do I get my old signature back? Aaargh!!!

What is it supposed to look like?

Ideally, it should look as follows:


Numerical Mathematical Utilities

"Numerical Mathematical Utilities" is hot-linked to the URL shown in my post above (http://www.akiti.ca/Mathfxns.html) but not explicitly displayed.

And I like the space between "Regards," and "David".
(Yes, I know I am being anal. But since you asked. :) )

Fixed for ya

Thank you very much!