Dear All,

I Have developed a application that converts text to speech.
Here text to be converted comes from database on entering some information by user.
There are default voices sam and mary ,those are working fine for this application but I want a more clear voice (more like indian acent voice so that each user can understand) Please tell me how do i get diiferent voices for this application ? here text comes in three different letter LIKE a9k,kpj etc.
Also suggest me hardware configuration( speaker etc.) as output voice will come clear.


What software are you using to convert text to speech (because if you made it all by yourself you should be able to answer that question)? Also, I don't think this is the right place to ask about speakers...

re are you using to convert text to speech (because if you

i have made c# based window application.its working too,but i want more voices with clear voice so i asked the question.

hello please i also made a similar app but in java and good voices are commercial.
but if you dont mind, you can go to the mbrola homepage and get some free voices and try each of them out.