It's me again ;) The other day the endorsement counts of high-level forums ("Hardware & Software", "Software Development", "Web Development", etc.) caught my attention.

Here's a screenshot of the endorsements strip shown above the page footer of the Software Development forum.
If I hover over an avatar (in this case mine) a tooltip is shown that tells "30 C++ Endorsements".


That doesn't seem to conform to the information I find on my profile page:


All my received endorsements are in Software Development forums, so adding them all up 15+8+8 = 31 (should equal the 30 shown in the previous screenshot [1])

Sure I understand that the endorsement counts are summed up for parent forums, however, why not say "30 Software Development Endorsements" instead?

Wouldn't that be more representative, more clear, and less misleading?

To me it just doesn't make any sense to say that a person got N XYZ Endorsements for a certain parent forum, N being the sum of endorsements earned in the child forums, XYZ being one specific child forum.

[1] I believe it was by design that the endorsement strips above the page footers of forums are only updated at certain time intervals, so I ignored that for the point I'm trying to make in this post.

I haven't noticed that bug on mine, but when i look at yours, there could be some small flaw in the code that dani has made and hasn't realized (it's okay, she is always updating the site)

I haven't noticed that bug on mine

"26 Web Design, HTML and CSS Endorsements" listed here:


"14 Web Design, HTML and CSS Endorsements" listed here:

If anyone could explain me the rationale behind this I'd be glad to hear from you.
To me this doesn't seem logical at all. To me it seems to be wrong to state it in that way.
How is it possible to have both 26 and 14 Web Design, HTML and CSS Endorsements at the same time?

If "Web Development" is the parent forum, then why is a wrong statement made about the number of endorsements received for a child forum?
Why not display: "26 Web Development Endorsements"?

I'll be committing a fix for this display bug shortly. Pending Dani's approval it should be resolved in the next push to production.

This has been pushed to production (with a slight tweak to actually reduce server load because we no longer need to fetch forum titles of those subforums).

Mine I believe says 26 is because it is based off of all my endorsements from the Web design area... so that includes php and web design. making 14 + 12 = 26.

Okay. Thank you deceptikon and Dani ;)