on my last topic i didn't recive mails notifications(when someone answer me). how i have sure that i will recive a mail notification on topic?

Hop into your edit profile page and make sure that "automatically watch articles I post in" is checked. If it is, look for that thread in your watched articles page. I'd wager that you're simply not watching the article, so you won't get new post notifications.

'Automatically Watch Articles I Post In?' it's checked.
but i will uncheck it and check. please answer for test

Is the thread in your watched articles list?

I don't recall of the top of my head what the polling interval is for sending those emails. Now that we know you're watching this thread, give it 24 hours and let us know if you still don't get an email.

do me a favor. send me a mail from these forum, for test please

i did anotherthing on my mail. i select your mail by safety, for see if it's the problem

do me a favor. send me a mail from these forum, for test please

Log out of the site and request a password reset.

even for that, i can't recive the mail :(
i don't know what cause these :(

Dani, please can you see my profile settings?
i thinnk that it's ok. but i don't understand why i don't recive the mail notifications :(

I don't know why you're not getting your email. We're definitely sending it to you. You're not on our blacklist and your preferences are set to receive email.

Oh, hold on a moment. I just didn't get my email either, and I got another complaint that email isn't coming through. Might be an issue on our end.

This should be fixed.

yes... now works fine. thanks to all