Hello there,
For my project, I want to add notification feature where one user can send request for something and other user views by clicking button or something like that as a notification/alert similar to friend request in facebook. I dont know how to implement this feature.
Thanks in advance.

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Is this like a Private Message (PM) system?

Not sure but may be yes,
Like one user send request to other(not to all) user. Other user receive that request as a notification.

So yes it does sound like you are asking about some type of private messaging systems.

You indicated "I dont know how to implement this feature.". What help are you looking for? What have you tried?

I am looking for the suggestion that how to implement this feature.
Any hint or code that can help me prepare this feature.?

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THe first thing to get right is the DB table(s). I'll give you my ideas...


pm_id [PK]
sender_id [FK]
receiver_id [FK]
root_id [self-relating] - parent pm_id - so you can create "threads"
reply_to [self-relating] - pm_id being replied to so can be ordered other than by senttime alone
sender_status [FK integers for read | unread | deleted]
receiver_status [FK integers for read | unread | deleted]



That should get you started. The rest is just simple DB calls, create a couple of forms and some views (list and message).

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