Hi Dw

I've been having this problem for quite sometime now. I'm using a cell phone to post most of the times and to comment, and provide solutions where I can and as DaniQueen said there are a number of problems with code formatting toolbar on mobile phones which makes it unsupported, but the problem is that the site do detects the codes when you are posting without formatting it so is there perhaps a way to format it manually because the toolbar is not visible?

Maybe the same code that the code format button provide so that I can be able to continue with my post because it keeps detecting it.

Thank you.

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That page has nothing about formatting the code except to link, etc. DaniQueen had also referred me to that page but there is nothing saying how to format your code for a post, I tried something like <code> and my code here </code> but it doesn't work or supported.


Quoted from that very link:

"To produce a code block, indent every line by at least 4 spaces, or one tab stop"

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