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I tried cashing out months ago and it apparently just went to my wife's paypal account. Except, she doesn't have a paypal account. I never said anything because it was only $10 but since there are issues, I thought i would chime in.


My paypal is the same as my daniweb registered email.
I seen a post saying that cashouts were dealt with on friday mornings, tomorrow will be the ninth friday.

Perhaps rewards are not available to everyone.


It's obvuous to me that I'm being ignored here, and here but I'm going to bump one last time before I take the silent hint that it's been fake, and forget it.

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I didn't see this thread until now. PayPal keeps skipping sending out payments to anyone because there isn't enough in my PayPal account to cover everyone. Plus, I believe there was a bug in the system. Working on resolving it.


Ah, if only it were that simple! The system is not designed to allow me to cancel cashouts.


Did the cashout thing really make a difference to top contributors? Just wonderin.

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