I would like to apologize to everyone. I have been working in the background on a test database getting ready to upgrade to vBulletin 3.6. However, in doing so, I accidentally overwrote the live database instead of the test database. Unfortunately, we lost 5 hours of database updates.

I'm VERY sorry everyone!!

ACK!! It looks as if we didn't lose just 5 hours of data after all. We lost 12 hours. I'm sooooo sorry folks.


It happens. I am just happy to find out that it was something like this that my posts today were missing I thought it was deleted on purpose :)

It happens. I am just happy to find out that it was something like this that my posts today were missing I thought it was deleted on purpose

Yeah me too it's almost actually a relief. he he

IT happens, to paraphrase the t-shirt slogan...

Yesterday, I spent an hour or two with Google to explain what's it all about these massive "Generic Host Process" errors and added it to my thread. I saw it's gone today, so I was breeding a while about "what did I wrong? Did I push that "submit" button really? Do they hate me now?" and re-read the forum guidelines if I violated something. Now I know I didn't, which is a big relief... :) Being used to deal with really ugly and old forum softwares (other than this here) I should have known better: Always (!) write important postings offline using an editor, or at least copy and paste the posting to some safe place. Will I learn the lesson this time? (I guess...not. :rolleyes: )
Ah...yes I forgot: Spank, spank, chewout, boil in hot oil, you're grounded for the next 3 ehm...seconds. :cheesy:

Everyone is entitled to a better description as to exactly what happened, and now that I am done yelling at myself, I can gather together enough composure to explain ...

The datbase server we have hosts two databases, the live database and a test database which I am playing around with right now preparing for the forum upgrade. I wanted to copy a version of DaniWeb onto the test database. So what I went ahead and did is get a 12 hour old backup version of DaniWeb (I make regular automated backups every 12 hours). I put that backup version on the database server. Then, I logged into MySQL and into the test database. I then imported the SQL file.

What I didn't realize was that the SQL file included a 'use' line which switched databases on me to the live one without notice! So I ended up overwriting the live database with a 12 hour old backup version.

I guess, similar things happened to all here already. I know how easy big amounts of data are gone, just by a wiggling mouse pointer or a single second of lost concentration. :) I sent a lot of precious data down the sink, not only once. You junked 12 hours = a few postings, and it's not all your fault. I managed to junk whole CD recordings, completed mixes and other work that took much more than 12 hours :o . I guess no one is or should be really mad on you. :cheesy:

no worries, just really glad wasnt me be going mad, not sure if its just me but when i try to post, it currently tries to post twice?


It tries to post twice??

Did you say we are gonna upgrade to 3.6 Dani??

When is that gonna happen?? (I like the MULTI QUOTE option in 3.6)

Good luck & God ble$$

Yes, I have been working on migrating the DaniWeb style and all of our many hacks to vB 3.6 for awhile now. The upgrade was initially going to happen over the weekend but it now looks as if it will be sometime today or tomorrow at the very latest.