Is someone messing with a system css or xsl page? Yesterday, I came onto the site, and after a few minutes, the coffeehouse messed up. The normal banners weren't working; all possible extended links in the dropdown segment up top were showing, and as far as I can tell all stylistic formatting was lost. The on-hover descriptions appeared to have gone bold, in some font that looks almost like a 16point or 18point size. It only affected the coffeehouse; other branches of the forum looked normal. The situation was somehow resolved after a few hours.

And it just happened to me again. I haven't checked any other forum branches out, but the Geek's Lounge and Feedback forums have gone screwy again.

I'm running Firefox,, if that helps any.

Edit: Checked out the Perl, PHP, and Pascal/Delphi forums; they're looking normal.

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Try clearing out your cache of temporary internet files. For some reason the CSS isn't loading for you in those specific forums. (Each category has its own CSS)


The stylesheet in the affected categories might not have downloaded properly, and then they were cached on your system, so the broken stylesheets kept being used over and over again.

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