This is probably a very stupid question, but is it possible to build your own Apple?

I've been a Windows guy all my life, and of course many Windows users build their own PCs.

However, I've never heard anything about one building an Apple...

I ask because this concept might just be my new computer ;)

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Not legally. It is possible with many illegal cracks, and if Apple let us do it, it would be quite easy. Fortunately, the new Mac Pro is completely customizable, so it's not quite so bad.

I see.

Thanks JoeProgrammer :mrgreen:

i thought that the major the was between the risc and the cisc processor difference between the two? correct me if i'm mistaken

>i thought that the major the was between the risc and the cisc processor
>difference between the two?

It was, until Macs switched from PowerPC to the Intel x86 architecture (a CISC processor). Probably the biggest difference between them right now is their boot hardware, as PCs use a BIOS to start up, whereas Macs use Intel's Extensible Firmware Interface (EFI), which is designed to replace the traditional BIOS chips found in PCs.

possible now as macs use x86 intel chips.

Many people have (illegally!) done it. Google for "hackintosh"

I've seen many modded ones but not one built from ground up, as it would just be a regular PC no? :)

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