Kids should be if they act like little brats all the time.Other than that it really isn't necessary from my POV.

Two suggestions:
- Compose your response in an external text editor and paste it as needed to preview or submit.
- Use tabbed browsing for looking up any other info you need.

When I use tabbed browsing, when I come back to the post window, it is empty. Everything I already put in it is gone. I have to save the post to have the text there when I come back.

If you had any clue how much "nicer" the world was when it was inhabited by a better model of human beings, you'd cry.

There's no such thing. You can't create nice. Human nature has a predictably fixed ratio.

If you want a nicer world, cut taxes to 10 percent total, so people can live on their incomes.

I've taken a breath for some intra on your spective. I also recognize that we have wandered beyond sight of spanking.
However, I am enjoying this, now rare, attempt at reasoned, logical exploration in search of illusions; mine as well as yours. So, a request. If (when, more likely) we are invited to cease, may I send you a P.M. to arrange continuation?

Bobwhaler, you need to replace your idea bulb with a CFL. Government said so.

NO I am a kid who has been to a missionary school & I mst say RL looser teacher tend to spank. And it also puts the life of spanker on risk as one of my teracher's bike was burnt down :)

Now in a diff. school where spankin is banned. It rox.

And for all those "spare the rod and spoil the child" read "To Kill A Mockingbird" notice how Atticus brings up his children.

Yes! We need to do let the children know that they can not and will not walk all over the adults! There is nothing wrong with spanking!

Define spanking.
Define corporeal punishment.

What some call spanking others call abuse (is spanking with the hand okay? how about with a belt? a paddle? a martinet?).

Is it okay to draw blood?
Is bruising okay?
How about scarring?

Just saying "spanking is okay" leaves too much room for 'parental discretion'.

The idea of smacking a child is to inflict just enough pain that they understand that what they have done wrong to cause the smacking, is unacceptable.
The problem today is that a parent cannot even give a light tap (which is pointless anyway) to their child without the do-gooders jumping up and down screaming "child abuse."

You still have not defined spanking or smacking - smacking sounds like a slap to the face? When I was younger, I met a single father who would flick his finger at the inside of his son's wrist; it stung for a second, it got his attention, and there was no possibility of causing actual physical damage.

Yeah i got the smack or the slipper, yard ruler occassionaly. Did the trick for me, i only ever got it when i was *really* bad.

I do not believe in smacking anywhere around the head area. Usually it was on the backside or upper legs.
Also depended on the circumstance. For instance; if any of my children (when they were younger) bit me, then I would bite them back with enough pressure that they realised not to do it again, or it was again returned in kind.
Did it leave teeth marks? Sure it did. Did they stop biting? Sure they did.
Has there been any long term problems? None whatsoever. They use their teeth for what they were designed for :).

Yeah i got hand or backside

Spanking is fine. If you want to be really technical and define a spank that is fine, anything that does not leave a bruise is ok by me.