Hello, I am another Missouri programmer. I have a Bachlors of Science Degree in Computer Science from Maryville University. Prior to college, I programmed HTML in high school back when high school only bought the computers to run up their electric bill rather than letting people use them. I then got into CSS and JavaScript right about the time I enrolled in college.

In 2003, I became aware of the world of Linux. High speed internet began to course through my veins. C++ became a frequent language as the GNU C compiler collection came with the operating system. Then I found out about the Bloodshed C++ IDE. I never used Borland or Microsoft Virtual ever again. The standards made it possible for me to transfer my programs in between operating systems.

Staying too my roots, I began to teach myself PHP which combined my knowlege of object-oriented programming with web programming. OpenGL would change all that.

I am currently honing my PHP skills and learning about Python at the same time on my own time.

I am the real deal. I am a computer programmer!

Welcome to DaniWeb Bushido. I live just across the river near Belleville Illinois. Hope you can hang around a lot.

Welcome to Daniweb friend :)

Glad to have you with us!

Welcome to our lovely Forums :)