I need to write a script , locally run by login name.
I am in a manufacturing environment and I need to prevent production workers from surfing the internet. The pc's have access for updates (software, OS, Antivirus). The users are not to surf by signed company policy ( the honor system) but, some have little honor.
The production workers use a single Common login (Mesabi).
I would like to run a script that when a production worker opens Internet Explorer, a script stored in the local machine is run that:

1: Opens a popup window requesting their first and last name to be entered.
2: Writes this information to a text file on the Server (NT4.0 Server) with Date & time.
3: Opens a Local HTM file that States: ACCESS TO THE INTERNET IS DENIED on the screen large enough to attract attention.
4: if the Popup Window is bypassed or ignored the same window is opened.
5: After 3 tries another popup window opens telling them to report to their supervisor.

This may be beyond my abilities but I hope someone can provide guidance.

My thanks in advance to all responders.

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Just uninstall IE on these computers, that's what the ITs did where I worked with the one in production. No more internet.:(

You need IE or else windows update doesnt work does it?

What are these computers used for? If their for time keeping or job assignments then you don't need IE or updates. If they are networked togather, then can't you update them from a master computer? Ours at work was used primarily for time keeping and parts ordering in house so only the basic os was installed.I worked at the Naval Aviation Depot with over 3k employees. When they first switched over to the computers for timekeeping they left everything on them, that's when there was people who would spend their lunch time and breaks surfing the web.And belive me, some of those people didn't care that these computer were in public view,with some of the sites they would go to. But after a few women employees went to the bosses about it, well that's when the feces hit the rotating oscillator, the ITs removed all programs with the exception of the os.
So unless there is a reason for production to have access to the web, take it off.

and disable USB ports or they could just bring portable firefox in on a usb drive

Wouldn't it be easier to modify your firewall rules to prevent certain machines accessing certain URL's? i.e. Disallow all except Windows Update site, or local intranet sites.

If a production worker requires access to a certain site you modify your firewall rules to allow 1 machine access to 1 site for a specified amount of time.

Surely that would be easier than writing some script that a user could easily ignore - I mean, if somebody is trying to access the internet when they know they're not meant to and they're told by some script to report to the supervisor, do you really think they will?

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