as much wood as a woodchuck could chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood

Name the thing which belongs you but others use it more then you?

What does that have to do with the forbidden words ?

BTW I forgot which are the forbidden words can someone refresh my memory ?

Forbidden words are the quick answer that we feel is enough to answer any question.

Are we going to stop playing this game?

depends on if people keep replying

is your name Bob?

New York, New York!!! What are you doing here?

Meh oh well. BTW did you went to any of the inaugural party?

Uhuh2x.. in here..

do you love scab collecting?..

And people say I get too disturbing with video games...

Well do you plan on getting a few billions dollars?

i plan on making over a trillion...

what is it you say when the answer is true?

That would be the opposite of the opposite of yes.

Is the sea really blue ?

The sea reflects the sky..(Blue light)

are you mad?

Mad as in ... Mad about Coding ... etc ??

So is the Sky Blue ?

the sky is black, with water molecules that refract light making it look blue.

is the time that you post the time that is displayed when you read the post?

Have you tried lying inside a coffin?

have only ever been truthful when in a coffin

o time post is displayed when you read the post..
o untruthful should be in coffin..

Is this is fun?..

It was, but now the excitement is slowly running out.

is it forbidden to say the forbidden words ?

that's the rule...

is there no question that can't be answered without using the forbidden words...?

There should be we just have to find it.

Have you found such a question ?

not yet

is today yesterday's tomorrow?

yes and it is also future's past.

Is black sea black and dead sea dead ?

I haven't seen them yet.

yes and it is also future's past.

oops you said a forbidden word.

Can the next guy avoid it ?

oops you said a forbidden word.

Ohh so sorry, actually happened to read the game rules after reading this post of yours !!!

Can the next guy avoid it ?

I'm sure he will do it.

Will this ever end ?

I wish I knew that answer, but glad I don't.

Is the next person who posts here "bald" ?

I have a few grey ones, but do have pretty much all of my scalp covered with them ;)

Does posting here make someone smart ?

We are definitely thinking about the new tough questions so it seems that way.

is it true that all work and no play would make Jack a dull boy ?

Jack certainly wouldn't classify to be a boy at all, if he did all work and no play, let alone dull.

Are the waves in the sea caused by Sun and the Moon ?

they may be, but they are also caused by the rotation of the earth and wind

do you like physics?

I like Arts..

can McCain beat Obama?...

In the next elections ? Coz Obama has already beaten him in the last ones.

Did America attack Iraq because they needed oil to rub into their hair, cook lots of chips, burgers, hotdogs and keep their oil lamps glowing ?