I think even the current administration doesn't know about that, just Bush did.

Do time and tide wait for anyone ?




Is their another living species outside earth? (Dhan-ya-vaadaa for the correct ans.)


I killed and tossed up a mosquito high up in the air, so yes may be, but then again this doesn't qualify for the living species as such.

Dhanyavaad means Thank You in Marathi, which, surprisingly, happens to be my mother tongue !!! :)
I suppose you are trying to learn it.

Do you like speaking foreign langauges ?


I took three years of high school spanish, but I hardly know the language...

will the next person use the forbidden words?


I would have but unfortunately forgot what they were.

Will the next person be able to remind me of them ?


I like hanging out with a colleague of mine, so may be that would be fun too.

Is it true that you need to be crazy enough to be intelligent enough.


You're crazy...

I like your avatars both 2 of you.. Same raising of their hands.. Did you planned it together?..



no.. Garfield is raising his one arm

There we go you used the forbidden words.

Am I crazy?..

From many of your earlier posts I deduce so.

Is the use forbidden words truly forbidden ?


Well, thats the game...

Is garfield throwing his arms up ? .........................(Or just spreading them in joy)


what's that too?.. ahihihih:twisted: just kidding.. yah I like penelope cruz' boobs I wish mine would that big too..

did you see the oscars?...


Being in India, they come here too early in the morning and I wake up really late and after that I have to rush to work.

Do you watch hollywood movies ?

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