In case you have not heard yet, the Illinois governor was arrested today for attempting to sell the state's senate seat that Mr. Obama held to the hightest bidder. I'm supprised he didn't try to sell it on eBay. That isn't the end of it -- he was thinking of keeping the seat for himself and running for President when Obama's term ends :) :) What an idot.

He knew he was being investigated!

Arizona still has the record for most governors finishing their terms in jail but IL could catch up soon. I wonder what New Jersey thinks of all this?

If he is sent to prison he will be the third governer in a row. Two others are currently in prison. Maybe the feds need to build a new prison just for state governors :)

I stand corrected, not even Arizona's J. Fife WhiteGuy (Symington III) would have been stupid enough to do what Blago did; in New Jersey, Blago would have been to dumb to survive.

I guess IL is at the top of the list.

Well, Looks like I did not know Jack about corruption: