This is about a small raven that was kept from eating for about 8 hours then placed in an environment where there WAS food,but the only way to get it was to devise a tool to get at the food,which is inside a small bucket with a handle at the bottom of a glass.

Well birds cant make tools ... or can they?

Watch as this Birdie makes beautifull things happen with a piece of wire that was laying around.

I love it :)

Birds can use tools

In fact darwin himself noted that birds can use tools. He studied the Woodpecker Finch while he was in the Galapagos Islands. The Woodpecker Finch uses a cactus spine or wooden splinter to get insects out of holes

Fish use tools, too. There is a fish that hides from predator birds by swimming upside down, holding a leaf with its fins.

how does the fish know when the bird is coming because fish cant see up due to the way the light is reflected and the way thier eyes are positioned

The fish is found in Ujung Kulon - there was a long PBS special on too-using animals, it included mention of the fish. I think it sees the predator birds as silhouettes - they laughingly thought that the next evolutionary step is for the bird to realize the leaf is floating up-stream and look for the fish beneath it.