I'm not taking credit for this site, Narue linked to it in this thread. But it's a must-see:


I think maybe I'm closest to Jekyll and Hyde :-/

I match several, depending on my mood and whom you ask:

Big Dog is probably my closest match. I even have several Me-Toos, but I won't name them. Occasionally I feel like Godfather, but I jump into the fray too often for it to be a good match. And of course, Jerk could easily be applied to me.


I'm a cross between Evil Clown and Palooka.

Except, of course, when I'm being Narue's Me-Too.

(but sorry, Narue, you are not a "Godfather". That's not a fit. You're more like "Kung-Fu Master" with anger-management issues.)

I read a few.
All have bits that fit
So I'd rather not say,
but if I had to in the spirit of cammaraderie,
I'd chose ......................

Oh wow,
i could be
Bliss Ninny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I could be a Rottweiler Pupply if the poor dear has a more fashionable collar...black leather with turquoise cabochons framed in decorative sterling silver.

John A >I'm a Kung-Fu master, although I've engaged in far too many battles and made enough blunders that I don't qualify for that title.

Kung-Fu masters are forged in the heat of mistakes and with the billow of blunders. They're still hope.

meh, i took that quizilla quiz that John A posted a link to.

it says i'm the "Troller"

now that ain't right. i want my money back.

>it says i'm the "Troller"
Seems accurate enough. :p