Can someone explain & help me understand this major? How does it differ from an IT/IS major?

I've been reading a lot about IT & IS. My local community college has a program called "Drexel @ BCC". The B.S. degree below can be earned at my CC. The IS & IT programs require me to commute to the main campus in Philadelphia.

I can't really tell you what my goals are yet, but I'd like 4 things out of my degree.

#1 Skills that would enable me to freelance/consult or be self employed if I desired.

#2 Web development (medium level skill). If I have an idea for a certain type of site I'd like to be able to at least get it started/functioning before hiring help. (I'm @ the beginning stages of learning PHP right now)

#3 Basic programming.

#4 Employable IT Skills

I don't care too much about theory.

In a nutshell I have a ton of internet based ideas. I'd like to acquire the skills to put them into action. At the same time I'd like to have employable skills if I chose to work for a company.

I'm considering 3 majors, and I don't quite understand this 3rd major (the IS & IT programs can be found on their site)

Computing and Security Technology

Computing and Security Technology Core Requirements
51.0 Credits
CT 200 Server I 3.0
CT 320 Server II 3.0
CT 140 Network Administration I 3.0
CT 330 Network Administration II 3.0
CT 350 Network Administration III 3.0
CT 210 Linux I 3.0
CT 310 Linux II 3.0
CT 340 Operating System Architecture I 3.0
CT 360 Operating System Architecture II 3.0
CT 380 Operating System Architecture III 3.0
CT 230 Web Development I 3.0
CT 240 Web Development II 3.0
CT 400 Network Security I 3.0
CT 395 IT Security I 3.0
CT 420 IT Security II 3.0
CT 491 Senior Project I 3.0
CT 496 Senior Project II 3.0

Concentration in Computing Technology
Computing Technology Concentration requirements
24.0 Credits
CT 100 Microcomputer Hardware 3.0
CT 120 Microcomputer Operating System 3.0
CT 220 Database I 3.0
CT 370 OO Systems Analysis 3.0
CT 375 Database II 3.0
CT 425 Database III 3.0
CT 290 OO Client Side Programming 3.0
CT 431 Project Management 3.0
Computing Technology electives
Students select three (3) of the following courses:
CT 385 Web Development III 3.0
CT 392 Web Development IV 3.0
CT 390 OO Server Side Programming 3.0
CT 405 OO Enterprise Programming 3.0
CT 410 Linux III 3.0
CT 430 Database IV 3.0
CT 435 Database V 3.0
CT 438 Database VI 4.0
CT 388 Special Topics in Computing Technology I 4.0
CT 389

Special Topics in Computing Technology II

I'd appreciate any information you can give. :) Thanks!

sounds like you should go for a 2-year certificate program or AAS degree rather than a BS, since you seem more of a hands-on guy who wants to get busy right away. the entrepreneurial aspects of what you want to do aren't going to be helped by a 4 year degree, especially in the IT/IS arena

BS degrees will get you bogged down in theory and extraneous stuff. now this is great if you wnat to be an engineer, or have plans to carry on to a Masters degree, but for the IT/IS field, all the 4 year degrees really get you is deeper in debt for student loans. all you really need to know for IT/IS can be taught in a couple years anyhow. the rest is on-the-job experience

be careful of the online programs. a lot of people have bad experiences.

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